Published: November 1, 2019

Job/Position Purpose

The Service Attendant’s main tasks consist of installing and balancing tires. He makes sure to work quickly and deliver a high-quality result to ensure customer satisfaction.

Assigned Responsibilities

  • Check the tires wear and condition;
  • Remove the wheels from the vehicle;
  • Remove the tire from the rim using pneumatic equipment;
  • Replace the tire and mount it on the rim;
  • Perform wheel balancing;
  • Install the wheel on the vehicle;
  • Visually inspect the alignment and braking system components;
  • Perform quality control on the adjustments made on the vehicle;
  • Inform the Technical Advisor of the work completed and observations on the vehicle’s condition.

Success Factors

  • Excellent physical shape: be able to combine physical efforts, speed and quality of execution;
  • Rigour and attention to details: demonstrate manual dexterity and accuracy to perform an impeccable job;
  • Team player: make the team’s success a priority, and believe that, together as a team, you can triumph;
  • Resourcefulness: have good judgment, be able to find many solutions to problems and the ability to make decisions;
  • Passionate about the automotive industry: real fan when it comes to cars and everything related to the subject.

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