Car Mechanics

Published: November 1, 2019

Job Purpose

The Apprentice Mechanic assists a Journeyman Mechanic in performing maintenance and repairs of the mechanical, electrical and electronic components and systems of the vehicles.


  • Assist the Journeyman Mechanic in carrying out maintenance tasks;
  • Perform repairs under the direct supervision of the mechanic;
  • Conduct a road test to check the quality of the work performed;
  • Laying and balancing the tires;
  • Inspect vehicles to help diagnose repairs.

Success Factors

  • Interest in automobile mechanics: You have a diploma of professional studies in car Mechanics and you have your apprentice mechanic ticket. You are passionate about mechanics and have a thirst for learning.
  • Accuracy: You stand out by the quality of your work thanks to your very good manual dexterity and your attention to every detail.
  • Ability to solve problems: You have good judgment and analytical skills that allow you to quickly identify deficiencies and provide solutions to fix them.


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