Published: November 1, 2019

Job/Position Purpose

The Storage Leader undertakes a leadership position within the work team. He/she also coordinates, and schedules day-to-day operations and he/she manages the tire storage space for the branch’s customers.

Assigned Responsibilities

  • Assume the leadership of a small team (3 people) by providing support to employees in their daily activities;
  • Maintain the tire storage register/log for the branch’s customers;
  • Transport/move tires between the storage area and the service bays;
  • Plan the position of the tires in inventory;
  • Balance out off-season tires;
  • Manage daily activities for the warehouse;
  • Constantly adjust priorities in the current work plan to respond to last-minute requests or unexpected situations;
  • Transport/move the tires to be stored in the storage area;
  • Assign a storage number to each tire to be added to the inventory;
  • Add an identification tag on each tire;
  • Update the information contained in the Inventory System (COSTAR);
  • Store tires in the location/space provided in the warehouse;
  • Coordinate the collection and the reception of tires stored in an off-site warehouse.

Success Factors

  • Technical background: two years of experience working in a related field and experience in operating a narrow-aisle forklift (an asset);
  • Excellent physical fitness/shape: ability to combine physical efforts, speed and quality of execution;
  • Rigour and attention to details: possess manual dexterity and high precision to perform impeccable work;
  • Attendance: perform the work while respecting deadlines and timelines;
  • Team player: caring about the success of team members and having the conviction that as a team we can triumph;
  • Resourcefulness: good judgment, ease when it comes to finding multiple problem solutions and decision-making ability;
  • Autonomy: be independent and a self-starter and be able to work with minimal supervision;
  • Software and computer skills: ability to work with computer tools to use the storage system;
  • Passionate about the automotive industry: have a great interest in the automotive industry and everything related to it.


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