Published: November 1, 2019

Job purpose

The Workshop Dispatcher is responsible for coordinating and distributing all tasks related to the work to be done. He/she is also in charge of preparing the work schedules and monitoring the work in progress for the branch.


  • Ensure work orders’ distribution and manage the tire fitters/installers and aligners’ productivity and efficiency;
  • Hold meetings every morning to motivate the team and present them with the various performance indicators’ results;
  • Supervise the fitters/installers’ work and maintain the employee file;
  • Manage and ensure compliance with the appointments and make sure that the necessary inventory is available;
  • Establish the equipment maintenance schedule;
  • Perform quality control checks;
  • Keep the workshop in order and distribute maintenance tasks;
  • Promote and ensure compliance of health and safety rules and procedures at work;
  • Perform orders for workshop suppliers and wheel weights.

Success factors

  • Professional background: Your 3 to 5 years of experience in the automotive field, in a mechanic workshop, as well as your experience in managing a work team, will allow you to fulfill your responsibilities easily;
  • Passionate about the automotive industry: You have a great interest in automobiles and its industry. We recognize you for your motivation and desire to learn. You have an interest in everything related to mechanics and tires;
  • Resistance to stress: You enjoy working in an environment where everything goes fast. You are able to manage deadlines and you are able to make informed decisions quickly. You have good judgment, an ability to find solutions to all problems as well as an ability to react quickly;
  • Rigour: You are professional and meticulous, and you pay attention to details, always making sure that of the quality and the accuracy of the information provided;
  • IT expertise: You work easily with a computer and you can efficiently use all the main IT tools (emails, Office Suite, etc.). You have no problem when it comes to learning the features of a new system;
  • Bilingualism: You communicate (speak and read) in English and in French and you can comfortably provide services in both languages.




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